NEWS from ESO and NASA:

The number of TRAPPIST-1 exoplanets grows to seven!
A crucial step towards finding if life exists beyond planet Earth.

Summary of what is known today:

The seven Earth sized planets orbit a sun ~40 light years away.
The planets closely orbit their sun; their "year" is under two weeks!
Their sun is a cool dwarf star only slightly larger than Jupiter.
Three of seven planets are in a habitable zone where life could form.

NASA Press Release

TRAPPIST South at the ESO La Silla Observatory used an FLI ProLine PL3041 camera to discover five of the seven exoplanets.

ESO Press Release

For details of the installation, see

Trappist Equipment Details

and the

Trappist Equipment Video

For details of the discovery, see "Temperate Earth-sized planets transiting a nearby ultracool dwarf star" in volume 533 of Nature (2016).

The current equivalents of their PL3041 camera are the PL23042 and ML23042:

ProLine PL23042 Camera Specifications

MicroLine ML23042 Camera Specifications

2048 x 2048 with 15 micron pixels
Back-illuminated sensor with high peak QE (See Below)
43.4 mm Diagonal

CCD230-42 Quantum Efficiency

Pricing and Availability

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