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High-volume OEM applications ...

have long been a major part of FLI�s business.� OEMs often require customized hardware, firmware or software. FLI provides private labeled cameras and filter wheels, custom firmware, selectable gains & download speeds, unique mechanical configurations, and integration of custom optics.


Our OEM applications ...

include x-ray imaging (veterinarian, medical, non-destructive testing), DNA sequencing, gel documentation, TEM, solar cell inspection, display inspection, forensic sciences, and multi-spectral imaging. Equipment employed in OEM applications includes the Atlas focuser, high speed filter wheels and standard filter wheels, and of course cooled CCD cameras.


We go the extra mile ...

The Hyperion housing was developed in response to an OEM's requirements for the MicroLine.� Other such developments include 4-channel readout, multiple sub-array readout, precise GPS timing and custom readout speeds.� If you look at the number of adapters that we make (60 and counting), you can understand how far we're willing to go to provide complete solutions for our customers.


We offer ...

cameras that support a wide selection of sensors from the very small to the very large. Sensors include front illuminated, back-illuminated, frame-transfer and interline.� Supported sensor manufacturers include Sony, e2v Technologies, Truesense Imaging (formerly Kodak), Hamamatsu, BAE Fairchild and soon to be added, Teledyne Dalsa.� Our Freedom of Choice poster shows FLI-supported sensors in actual size.

Our OEM experts�

will help you realize your goals quickly and efficiently. Whether your target is new-product development or cutting costs on an existing product line, FLI can help. 

Contact us for help with your OEM application.

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