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Tivoli Southern Sky Guest Farm, Namibia

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Tivoli Panorama

Panoramic Image Courtesy of Walter Hildebrand

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Answering the question: just how far is Greg Terrance willing to go to sell a camera? In this case,the great circle distance from Rochester to Windhoek, Namibia, is about 7500 miles (12500 km). Total round-trip travel (Rochester - Chicago - Dakar,Senegal - Windhoek - Johannesburg - Chicago - Rochester): over 18500 miles (about 25000 km). Bear in mind that San Francisco to New York is "only" 2586 miles. (Map below courtesy Karl Swartz, Great Circle Mapper,



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When Should I Go?

The best months for a visit are May through September--winter. Make reservations at least a year in advance.

Do I Need Any Special Vaccinations?

According to the Schreibers, no special vaccinations are required, but please confirm with your own favorite sources.


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