FLI and ON Semiconductor Develop High QE Version of 50 Megapixel Sensor

The new KAF-50100 is a result of a year-long collaborative effort between ON Semiconductor (formerly Truesense, formerly Kodak) and Finger Lakes Instrumentation. Our goal: to create sensor with both high resolution and excellent quantum efficiency (QE)! The significantly boosted QE of the new KAF-50100 sensor brings it in line with popular full frame sensors such as the KAF-16803 and KAF-8300 but with much higher spatial resolution. Initial tests indicate that the microlensed KAF-50100 has more than double the quantum efficiency of the original sensor!

The image to the left compares the field of view of the KAF-50100 (full image) with the field of view of the 16 megapixel KAF-16803 (yellow box) and the field of view of the KAF-8300 (light blue box).

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KAF-50100 with microlens facts:

3X more pixels than the KAF-16803
32% larger area than the KAF-16803
8176 x 6132 with 6 micron pixels
61.3 mm Diagonal
Total resolution 50.1 MP
Monochrome only / Two channel only
Sensors are in stock at FLI

ML50100 Camera Specification Sheet:PDF


Display testing
Multispectral imaging (for example cultural heritage objects)

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