The New ML16200 Fills the Gap Between the ML8300 and ML16803

The MicroLine ML16200 is in production at FLI.

The image to the left compares the field of view of the ML16200 (full image) with the field of view of the KAF-8300 (light blue box).

ML16200 Specifications

ML42 Image 2X more pixels than the KAF-8300
More than 2X larger area than the KAF-8300
4500 x 3600 with 6 micron pixels
34.6 mm Diagonal
Total resolution 16.2 MP
Monochrome only

ML16200 Camera Specification Sheet

Image Courtesy Christoph Kaltseis
For more of the story of this image,
please visit the CEDIC web page.

ML16200 Absolute Quantum Efficiency


Gel Documentation

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